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What is re-keying?

Re-keying allows you to alter a lock so it fits an existing key and so that the old key will no longer turn the cylinder. Most keys are flat on one side with the other side having notches and flat areas of different heights along its length. If you prefer to change the lock, our Brixton professional locksmith will simply change the pins pattern of the new lock so it matches the pattern of notches on the desired key. In pin tumbler locks like the Yale lock, the lock has different size pins to match up with the notches on the key. When the right key is inserted, the pins inside the lock line up exactly so that the cylinder can turn. The key doesn't even need to be new - locks can be changed to match a key that already exists.

Why Re-key Locks?

There are several advantages to the re-keying process:

  • It's much cheaper than installing a new lock. When the lock you have is in fine condition, there is no need to replace the whole lock simply because you want it to work with a new key. When it comes to home security, quality of the locks and the service is more important than the price, however if you need an overall upgrade of home security it can be quite expensive.
  • It allows you to carry around fewer keys. You can add new keys to your home or office without adding extra keys to your key ring by re-keying the locks to open to the key you already have.

When might you need to call us for a re-key in Balham (or anywhere in our service area)?

  • When you move to a new house or a flat, you never know for sure if someone out there still has a key to your locks. For your safety and security, you need to change the lock. However in the case of a high quality lock, a qualified security expert may advise you to re-key it instead of installing a new one.
  • If you lost your purse or you were mugged and you are concerned that the thief might have the keys to your door, it's advisable to call a professional for an emergency re-keying. Then you can set aside your worries and deal with the other issues you have with replacing your lost property.


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