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Should I protect my home with security bars?

Some think that security grilles are a most hideous invention. A window grille can make your new home look a bit like a prison. Nevertheless many choose to install security grilles and to upgrade their home security, even if it means ruining the beauty of their home. Burglars prefer to rob detached houses or offices, due to:

  • Easy accessibility - most thieves will use a door or a window as an entry point. If the burglar doesn't find an unlocked window he can simply break the glass.
  • House owners appear wealthier than flat owners and may have more valuables to steal.

Defending Your Windows

Home and business owners are advised to install extra security devices to protect their property. An effective way to stop a burglar from breaking into your house through the windows would be to install a physical security device on your windows. There are a few such devices on the market today:

  • Roller shutters
  • Concertina grilles
  • Burglar bars

Internal or External Security

Where should you install them? You have a choice. Some choose to install the security devices on the outside, and others prefer to install safeguards inside the property. External bars are a clear visual sign that the property is protected. On the other hand, a burglar with time on his hands and no fear of discovery may decide it is worth his while to remove the bars. What's more the alarm won't go on as long as the window is not broken. This means the burglar has plenty of time to get rid of the external roller shutters before the alarm is triggered, if he wants to.

However, if your house exterior is well lit the exterior security equipment might be just enough to make the burglar choose another target. A professional thief will avoid tackling exterior bars or burglar grilles if it will lead to him being noticed or caught by the police.

Another option is to install bars or grilles on the inside of the windows. In this case the burglar has to open the window first and then to deal with the extra security you added to your home. If you have an alarm system the opened window will trigger it and in most cases the thief would prefer to escape and not to try to enter your home.

Regardless of which you choose, be sure to make fire safety a priority. Every member of your household needs to know how to unlock and remove the bars in order to exit in case of an emergency.


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