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How to prevent a burglary

We all hear every day that crime rates are rising. It seems like no neighbourhood is safe anymore. How can you protect your property from a burglary?
In light of this, many of our clients are wondering how they can upgrade the security of their homes and here are a few locksmith tips:

Burglar Alarm- you can install a security alarm to protect your premises. It's designed to spot an intrusion into your home or office. The alarm sensors can detect a break in by monitoring window and door contacts, by motion detectors, vibration, magnetic fields and more.
Door Armor- most burglars just try to force the door in order to enter your home. The door jamb armor is a steel sleeve placed into your door jamb. By adding door armor you can upgrade your door jamb to a level of a steel framed door.
This video shows the advantages of the door jamb armor:


Window Locks-any locksmith in Dulwich or Brixton will advise you to upgrade your window locks. Most people install heavy duty locks on their front and back doors, but neglect the window locks. Don't forget that a professional burglar can easily spot a low quality window lock and use this window as an entry point to your house.


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