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Nine Elms is mainly an industrial district of London, and is part of the London Borough of Wandsworth (north-east corner of the borough, between Battersea and Vauxhall).

Although it has a beautiful name, which the place got in the 17th century thanks to the row of trees bordering the road, the main landmark of the district is the Battersea Power Station. There are plans however, that include very big changes to the stations complex.

Another interesting landmark in this location is the New Covent Garden Market - the largest wholesale market in the UK. It offers fruit, vegetable and flowers to London's best restaurants and hotels, schools and hospitals and even prisons.

Nine Elms has a residential area that runs along the riverside, which includes mostly high residential buildings. In these properties it is very important not only to check your own door locks, but also to take care of the overall building security. In such cases Locks & Keys always advise the residents to install a visual intercom system which will monitor all people entering the property. In the event that a burglary occurs, the police will have more of a chance to identify and catch the burglar. In the meantime, our locksmith in Nine Elms can help with any post-burglary repairs or lock changes.

Interesting Fact About Nine Elms

Have you ever wondered how New Covent Garden Market got its name?

Covent Garden Market was relocated to Nine Elms from Central London in 1974. The Covent part of the name gives us a hint to the monks of Westminster Abbey (the Convent) who grew the fruits and vegetables for the market in the old days.


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