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How to protect your vehicle

Car theft is on the rise and everyone should pay attention to vehicle security. Here are a few simple tips on car theft prevention by Kyox Locksmiths of SW2:

  • Even if you need to leave the vehicle for just a moment, take another minute, turn off the engine and lock the car. An unattended and running car just calls out for theft.
  • Always lock your car and roll up the windows even if it is parked in the driveway in front of your house. Just because it is close to your home does not necessarily make you less of a target. Believe us, you probably won't even notice that it's missing for an hour or two after the theft.
  • Never leave any valuable possessions on the seats or on the dashboard, even in a locked car. Put all valuables in the boot or out of sight. It will save you quite a lot of money on smashed car windows.
  • There are quite a few devices that can help you secure your car, like locks for the steering wheel, brakes and column. These act as visual deterrents and can discourage burglars and car thieves.
  • If you must leave your keys with some service provider (valet, mechanic...), make sure it's a trustworthy service provider and leave only the ignition key.
  • Avoid parking in dark and off-track parking lots, choose well lit and high-traffic places to park.
  • If you can afford it, upgrade auto security systems. Today most new cars have some built-in security, but you can always upgrade to more sophisticated anti-burglar systems.


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