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Brixton is a part of the London Borough of Lambeth, located in South London, just a few miles away from Central London. The city is mainly residential and has a well known market and retail sector. We are 24 hour locksmiths Brixton, certified, insured and at your service.

Security Locksmiths Brixton and Herne Hill

New to Brixton? We at Locks & Keys will do our best to ensure that your Brixton home or office is well protected. Before you move into a property, commercial or residential, always have a professional locksmith on site to check your office or home security. We can always improve your personal security by adding an alarm system or by upgrading your door locks.

If you need immediate assistance, we can help! Locks & Keys Brixton locksmiths are mobile locksmiths operating in Brixton, Herne Hill and Tulse Hill. Because we are mobile, our locksmiths can get to you quickly and easily while you wait. What is more, when we arrive we are ready to do the job with a fully equipped work van at our disposal.

About Brixton

The development of the town began in the beginning of the nineteenth century, mainly due to the opening of Vauxhall Bridge in 1816, which improved the access to Central London tremendously and little by little transformed Brixton into a middle class suburb. Another transportation alternative was offered to the residents of Brixton in the 1860s - railways linking Brixton with the centre of London were built throughout the area, adding even more appeal to Brixton as a residential suburb of London.

Brixton is well known as a shopping district of South London, thanks to the large department stores and Brixton Market. Did you know that Electric Avenue, which is a part of Brixton Market today, was the first market street to be fully lit by electricity in the 1880s?

In Brixton you can find some of the most beautiful Victorian houses in the area. As bridges were constructed across the river Thames, many of those working in the City of London chose Brixton and the surrounding towns as their residences. Terraced houses and villas surrounded by vast gardens started to pop up on the main roads of Brixton.

Interesting Fact About Brixton

Brixton is one of the few towns in England to have its own currency - the Brixton Pound. It was launched in 2009 and it's available as an alternative to the common currency, the pound. The main purpose of the local currency is to try and boost the local economy by encouraging local shoppers to purchase goods in local shops, and motivate local shops to supply goods and services locally.


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